What The El-ysium Experience means to us

Elysium comes from the ancient Greek Ηλύσιον which according to the Greek mythology was the place where the blessed were taken after death. In other words, Elysium was the paradise for ancient Greeks. Nowadays, it is used to express a place or state of ideal happiness.

The two first letters are separated from the word as they stand for Ellinika (Ελληνικά) which means Greek language. Greek language learning, even if it’s just a few words, play an important role in all of our experiences as part of our culture.

And the word Experiences is used to describe everything we aim to offer to you! It could be lessons or classes but that wouldn’t be us. Either you choose a summer experience or Greek language classes -traditional or online- we want you to have full Greek experiences that you won’t be able to explain but as El-ysium Experiences!

What we “see” in The El-ysium Experience logo

Let us explain what we see and what we want to express through our logo. A main element is the face which represents the discourse, the teacher & the learner and the culture that is being transferred through the speech. Its eye is the beautiful, shining Greek sun. Next to it, there is a green part that stands for our island’s amazing pine forests with the light blue skies just above! The same blue is used to represent the magical beaches that surround Skiathos. And then there is a dark blue part which can be seen as the sail of a boat, maybe the one that brought you to the island or the one that will take you around it to explore. To the right there is an umbrella that you’ll definitely need a hot afternoon on the beach! And at the same time that umbrella is the roof of the happy yellow El-ysium accommodation where you can stay or just visit to try traditional recipes, speak some Greek words, meet other travellers and live The El-ysium Experience!