Bored of the “usual” holidays? Need something new and fresh?

 Have you ever thought of language and cultural holidaying?

That’s what we do! In the El-ysium Experience we offer you an unforgettable holiday experience! We combine “regular” holidays with :

  • Greek language classes
  • culture  & cooking classes
  • day trips
  • evening walks
  • accommodation

Love Greek food?

Greek gastronomy could be the sole reason to holiday in Greece. In Elysium Experience we love food and especially traditionally cooked, delicious food cooked with the best ingredients straight out of our vegetable garden! At the end of the “course” you will be given a short handbook with traditional Greek recipes.

Λαχανοντολμάδες με ρύζι και κιμά - Συνταγές - Γιορτές και καλέσματα |  γαστρονόμος

In one of our afternoon experiences our Yiayia cooks for us, just before our eyes and reveals all her secrets. Feel free to help her and steal her technique!

Do you love books?

Discover our lending library

A good book can be the best companion! Either you want to practice your newly obtained Greek language skills, to strengthen your analytical thinking or just to relax you may choose one of the numerous books available.

You can take the book to the beach with you, in your room or read it in the library or the terrace while enjoying your drink.

Solo traveler?

Travelling alone? In Elysium Experience we are together…

  • You want to travel alone but you hesitate. What if you need something during your holiday? If you are bored? If you want company? No worries. In the Elysium Experience we got you covered! We will help you find the most suitable flights, we will pick you up from the airport or the port, we will be there for you each and every day of your stay! If you pick our morning classes you’ll make new friends! Your “classmates”! If you pick our afternoon activities you will discover how the locals live at the beautiful island of Skiathos! Yet, if you want to spend some time alone the beach is two minutes walk from your terrace!
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