Evening walk in Skiathos town

This afternoon we will blend the past and the present in the most harmonic way. We will leave Achladies bay by boat, and sail the short distance to the old port of Skiathos where you can find the famous pavement cafes & cocktail bars. We will visit the first known town of Skiathos which was on the southeastern side of the harbor, on a height from where the locals could command a view and control the large bay and the inner double harbor. This town survived all through the Classical, Hellenistic and Byzantine periods, until the time when the medieval town, the Kastro was built.

We will visit the churches of Panagia Limnia and Treis Ierarhes and then we will head to the house-museum of the most important scholar of the island Alexandros Papadiamantis along with the museum of the “Skiathitiko Spiti”, a newly established museum that represents a traditional house of Skiathos.

You are then free to decide whether you want to head back to base, or stay “down town” for dinner and a cocktail which will bring you straight away back in the present, after a fabulous day. We can help to recommend some great restaurants for everyone’s taste! Whether you want seafood traditional Greek or gastro.

  • Price 25€ per person
  • Duration 2 hours & 30 minutes
  • Starting time 18:00
  • Starting point The Elysium Experience