Solo traveler?

Travelling alone? In Elysium Experience we are together…

  • You want to travel alone but you hesitate. What if you need something during your holiday? If you are bored? If you want company? No worries. In the Elysium Experience we got you covered! We will help you find the most suitable flights, we will pick you up from the airport or the port, we will be there for you each and every day of your stay! If you pick our morning classes you’ll make new friends! Your “classmates”! If you pick our afternoon activities you will discover how the locals live at the beautiful island of Skiathos! Yet, if you want to spend some time alone the beach is two minutes walk from your terrace!

2 thoughts on “Solo traveler?

  1. Brad and I have just returned from the most enjoyable holiday ever, thanks to the wonderful team at the El-ysium Experience. We both enjoyed Dimitra ‘s Greek language lessons. She is a skilled and enthusiastic teacher, and her sessions were carefully designed to meet both our needs (my husband is much more advanced than me).
    I cannot praise the Greek cookery evenings highly enough. With Dimitra ‘s lovely mum doing most of the cooking, we were able to experience authentic Greek dishes in a wonderful family setting. The food was delicious and the wine and conversation flowed. We loved the experience so much that we returned with our family for a second session. This is a unique experience, not to be missed if you are in Skiathos.
    We had some great adventures with Makis who took us on a ‘Sacred Skiathos’ tour, as well as a very rewarding visit to the Parissis winery, where we sampled the beautiful wines produced by this relatively new venture in a lovely setting with stunning views.
    Dimitra took us on an evening walking tour of Skiathos, which was most enlightening, and both she and Makis helped us to understand the rich history and culture of the island. We are both looking forward to discovering more of the El-ysium Experience when we return to Skiathos.

  2. I spent a wonderful week learning Greek with Dimitra and visiting the historical sites and monasteries of Skiathos. Of course, everyone knows about the numerous gorgeous beaches of the island, and I saw these too. But the tours of the interior of the island, and not just the historical sites and monasteries but also the incredible views of Mt. Pelion to the west, Euboia to the south, and Skopelos and even Alonissos to the east, were fabulous. Dimitra’s brother Simeon was a knowledgable and enthusiastic guide to these sites, and Dimitra’s historical walking tour gave me a much richer sense of this very picturesque and beautiful city. As for language instruction: by the end of the week, I found myself speaking more freely with everyone I met, free of the “oops I made an error” hang-ups that have held me back in the past. And yes, Dimitra’s mother’s cooking class was not only fun and instructive, but we all made such a pleasant meal of it afterwards (a meal accompanied with a Karagiozis shadow theater show! I hope in the future to round up a few friends who share these interests and to return for another such (El-ysium) experience!

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