The El-ysium Experience

Elysium…in other words Paradise

The holiday experience you will never forget! Greek language and culture courses, museum and monasteries’ visits, hiking in nature between the past and the present, cooking and enjoying traditional Greek recipes are only few of the elements composing the “Elysium Experience”.

One of the most desirable hotspots in Greece is the island of Skiathos

Skiathos is a small island situated in the northern Sporades.  It has reached “fame” for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and over 60 glorious golden beaches.

The aqua blue crystal clear waters that surround Skiathos make this a paradise island, filled with pine forests, gourmet restaurants, traditional tavernas, & high quality cocktail bars. Visitors to Skiathos also love to travel to some of the neighbouring islands of Skopelos & Allonisos as these are much more sedate lush green and traditional. 

Uncover the secrets behind Skiathos, discover the islands history & soak up the atmosphere.

If you want to learn the Greek language and dive into the culture, food, history and civilization, then our Greek experience is most definitely for you.

   Learn to live like a “Local”

We will offer Greek language lessons, some courses will enhance your understanding of the culture and will help you communicate with the locals. It’s a fun way to learn as you go.

Also we will give you a brief overview of local history which will help you gain a better understanding of the behaviors, notions and ideas.

Learn to Cook “The Greek way”

Passionate about Greek food?  Many visitors from all over the world travel to Greece just to taste the delicious traditional cuisine.

Whether it be moussaka, tzatziki or souvlaki these are just some of the typical dishes we make every day.  

There are many reasons why those specific dishes have become a tradition here in Greece and we will let you in on the family secrets, enjoy a cookery demonstration where we will show you how to cook the “Greek way”! All prepared with locally sourced produce, you will then sit down and enjoy your very own traditional “Greek feast” that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Learn to “Explore”

Seeing the sights through the eyes of a local for sure is a must! We will walk together to Kastro, the former “capital town” of Skiathos where the locals had to go into “hiding” from the pirates many years ago, we will literally walk you through history. You will visit Vigles, from where the locals defended themselves and their compatriots against Persians. We will also visit Eyangelistria Monastery which is where the first Greek flag was made & created here in Skiathos back in 1807!  

The house-museum of the most important scholar of the island Alexandros Papadiamantis along with the museum of the “Skiathitiko Spiti”, a newly established museum that represents a traditional house of Skiathos.

Learn to “Relax or Rejuvenate”

Take the afternoon visit to the Skiathos winery, where you can enjoy the most stunning views. Relax and sample some of the most exquisite wines Greece has to offer. You ‘ll taste reds and whites from the most newly famous vineyards in Greece in what promises to be a memorable afternoon. This will be an enjoyable time with great company to learn about grape varieties, vineyards and wines and to see the best wine collection in Skiathos.

Or go hiking following the endless nature filled paths, see the captivating lush greenery learn about the wildlife and the feeling of connection with mother nature! Uncover stunning sunsets & stories as you stroll through Skiathos, exploring the local ways of life, feel like part of the community in your comfortable family run base in the heart of Skiathos, don’t forget to savior the iconic flavours and taste tradition with a healthy helping of delicious Greek cuisine.

Take the time to explore, relax and rejuvenate! What we feel after will be a true Elysium Experience…

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