Guesthouse director. Responsible for reservations and guests’ relations. Emy has studied accounting and has been working in tourism for more than 20 years. She is married to Makis and has two daughters.


Guides in-town activities. Expert on local scholars. Yiannis is physiotherapist with Master’s in Business Administration. He is working for the Municipality of Skiathos. Yiannis is married to Mema and he is sharing his free time between his passion to transfer his knowledge about the island and his two sons.


Expert on island’s history. Passionate guide in most of the activities. Makis is very enthusiastic about spreading Greek history and culture. He has been working in the tourism industry for more than 20 years and has lived all his life in Skiathos.


Greek language, culture and history teacher. Mema has studied International Affairs and has Master’s degree in Language Education. For the past 10 years has worked as translator, private language tutor and Education officer. Mema is Makis sister and has two young sons.

Yiayia Kaiti

Cook. Yiayia Kaiti cooks traditional Greek recipes in the cook & taste night. Kaiti is Maki’s and Mema’s mom. She had been working in tourism for more than 40 years. Now she enjoys cooking and sharing her cooking secrets and spending time with her grandchildren.


Co-guide & translator. Katerina is Maki’s and Emy’s older daugther. She is studing Business Administration and she returns in Skiathos for few months during summer. She co-guides most of the activities and she translates during the cooking lesson for her grandmom.