This will be an afternoon spent in the past. We will first visit Kastro (“fortress”) which was the “new town” where the locals moved to around the middle of the 14th century in order to avoid the continuous raids on the island, from those pesky pirates. Kastro is on the northern side of the island, high upon on a cliff top you will see what constituted a natural fortress.

Then we will head to Pirgi, from the 14th century back to 480 B.C. and the Persian wars. According to Herodotus when the Persian fleet was sailing down from Thessaloniki, the Greeks who were awaiting at Artemision in Evia were warned by the ‘lighted torches’ on Skiathos and specifically on Vigles. It seems that, during this period, Skiathos helped the Greeks and was perhaps one of the few cities which did not go over to the Medes.

During our trip to Kastro and Vigles you will see some of the most stunning views on the island and delve in nature.

  • Price 30€ per person
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Starting time 17:00
  • Starting poing The Elysium Experience